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           020-31190575 & 18925189619 (In Mandarin, Cantonese & English)


          波士頓動力Stretch 搬運碼垛機器人

          Mobile robotics developer Boston Dynamics has created a warehouse-specific robot that is capable of moving boxes and automating other distribution-center tasks.

          The robot, dubbed Stretch, rapidly moves boxes in warehouse or distribution center settings. Outfitted with a lightweight arm, which is capable of 7° of freedom, a smart gripper and computer vision technology, Stretch can reportedly unload boxes from trucks or be used to build orders.SSource: Boston Dynamicsource: Boston Dynamics

          According to Boston Dynamics, Stretch will increase the flow of goods, improve safety and lower the operating costs of a warehouse.

          Although Stretch won’t be commercially available until 2022, Boston Dynamics is looking for partners to test the technology via Stretch’s Early Adopter Program.

          Watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of  to see Stretch unload boxes from a truck and place them on a conveyor belt , among other tasks, in a warehouse setting.




          手 機:18925189619 (In Mandarin, Cantonese & English)

          電 話:020-31190575

          郵 箱:sales@gzyuto.com

          公 司:廣州粵拓機電設備有限公司

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